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One of the most important advantages of dedicated server hosting to be considered these days is the SEO benefit of it which in the long run out weights the costs incurred in renting a dedicated server. Generating more income from a website or blog is what every webmaster aims at and following a proper search engine optimization process for the website or blog is one way to ensure this. When optimizing a website or a blog for top search engine rankings, one aspect which is often overlooked as a part of the SEO process is selecting the right type of web hosting. You can do everything else right when it comes to SEO, but if your web hosting server isn’t stable, all your best efforts will be in vain. There’s also the issue of page load times and page refresh speeds which need to be taken into consideration as some some search engines take page load times into consideration; at least to a certain degree. This is why we at have now come up with SEO Dedicated Servers.

These new dedicated servers are search engine friendly and have been specifically designed keeping in mind factors such as faster page load times and 100 % uptime for the hosted website(s). Each SEO Server comes with 100% power and network uptime guarantee. 100% availability is vitally important as websites need to be up and available at all times as major search engines could crawl them anytime. You need not worry about slow speeds and poor response times either as each SEO Dedicated Web Server is setup on a 100 Mbps dedicated network which guarantees lightening fast page load times.